SF-SANIFOG is a registered Viral Control Disinfectant

NOW INTERNATIONALLY TESTED AND APPROVED – SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) test wat done at the University of Antioquia School Of Medicine – Immunovirology Group (27th July 2020)

Fighting Covid-19 together


The most critical task for institutions and organisations when preparing for potential community transmission of viruses and bacteria is to plan and execute. As outbreaks evolve, hospitals, commercial buildings, restaurants, movie theatres, gym places, private homes, mine sites, governmental institutions, amongst others, should be ready to protect their employees and customers.

It is vital to take steps to ensure that the public and private environments are clean and disinfected. The planning for a healthy environment should include systems to diminish the spread of a wide variety of infectious diseases. Powerful strategies build on daily policies and practices.

Apart from common-sense preventive actions for customers and staff, such as staying home when sick, properly covering coughs and sneezes, and thoroughly and often washing hands, it is necessary to emphasise in actions of environmental decontamination. This includes the routinely clean of areas frequently attend by staff and clients, and also the use of SF-Sanifog, ensuring the decontamination of all spaces.

SF-Sanifog can be used for the decontamination of areas such as over the desks, counter, walls, floors, light switches, and even the most difficult to reach, such as under seats, under desks, windows sills and others.

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SANIFOG help fighting the COVID-19 Virus