SF- SANIFOG: Fighting the Covid-19 virus

Guess where we will be on 21st & 22nd November 2020

The SF – SANIFOG product distributed and sold by Sanifog Africa is cutting edge technology. The product is very easy to use and effective to fight viruses, fungus and bacteria through the application of activating the SF – SANIFOG Viral Control Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger canister. This is usually done after hours. The canister sprays a fog-like chemical spray in the enclosed area and covers up to ±50m³ per 150ml canister and up to ±150m³ per 400ml canister if the room is closed for more than one hour. The spray will then go and lay on surface areas and kills the viruses and bacteria. Depending on the traffic in the space, the application will typically be done on a weekly basis and less frequently in lower-traffic areas.


For more than 20 years, Sanichem has been developing and delivering high-quality, high-performance chemicals and application technology solutions to our markets. Our engineers focus on the continuous innovation of Thermal Fog and ULV machinery technology as well as in the development of novel and highly specialised chemical and biological solutions for agriculture, poultry, public health, and other industries.

SaniChem offers cutting-edge solutions for the control of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and insects within various sectors.

Our experienced and dedicated research and development team strives in developing the best chemical and application equipment offering solutions to the most complex challenges.

Some more questions you might have we tried and answer below:

ICA is our contract company who we do contract formulation, due to the laws in South Africa, the manufacturer has to appear on the label of the product. We contract ICA for the formulation of several of our products due to the high standard of formulation and product consistency. They have been formulating and packaging products for SaniChem SA for over 10 years and they remain our preferred partner for our formulation and packaging.

Some of the Doctor and senior staff asked me how this product really works as the General just mentioned

to release it and come back in 1 hour. Please note our SaniGuard uses the DDAC form the BacAtac patented products, SaniFog and BacAtac are sister labels of the same DDAC and are an exact formulation. Our formulation for the SaniFog 0.88% however, it is to be noted that even at 0.5% the DDAC is effective against Corona Virus. Taking into account the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC), which is much lower than that of any competitor products, offering the same disinfection security.

The MIC is a vital issue as our product can’t be compared to any other product due to our patented DDAC, our formulation is not at all the standard DDAC as we have a component which enhances the strength of the DDAC, and because of the patented formulation we are able to offer a product with a very low concentrate (low MIC), which is more effective than stronger formulations. The other points to note are that our product has extremely low toxicity, and is non-corrosive.

  1. How does the product work in the OT room, and as the OT room is used 24/7? We do use the SaniFog and SaniGuard products in the entire medical fraternity in South Africa, from a veterinarian, to OT rooms.
  2. Based on the general detail the product mentions after 1 hour you can enter back to any close area and coz the product provided 2 nozzles one is a full release and 2nd spray? The reason for having two nozzles is to offer the option of full release, which people use mostly for the end of the day when leaving the work area, they situate the canisters in the required area, set them off and leave them to completely expel, returning in the morning to an area decontaminated. The second nozzle is for directional and controlled application, and this is used mostly for areas such as the OT because you are able to apply in the areas where you have been functional. The product allows you to spray the required area during the day and between patients. The one-hour suggestion is only as a precaution for very well sealed areas without ventilation. In normal circumstances, SaniFog can be sprayed into the area, and as soon as the mist settles you can re-enter, the SaniFog is non-toxic, and thus you can enter the room while there is mist, however it may cause you to cough as would wood fire smoke. Entry is mainly within 5 to 10 minutes in a medical facility room. It is to be noted that once the SaniFog settles, it binds to the surfaces and thus exposure is absolutely minimal.

Please note, the SaniFog mist will decontaminate areas that traditionally will not be cleaned regularly, such as behind cabinetry and equipment, under tables, chairs, trollies and all other present items. It will also clean impurities in the air-conditioning filters if it is running at the time of application. It is only as corrosive as water, and this is vital as SaniGuard will not cause corrosion in the equipment like chlorines, alcohol, QAC and most other sanitisers.

Another point of vital importance is that due to the patent of our BacAtac – DDAC, we are one of the only products which remain effective even with biological matter present, this is a vital point in hospitals and clinics.

3) How frequently do we need to use this product in the close area in the Hospital? A full application should be made every two to three days. However, a directional application of the potentially contaminated areas should be made during the day as well. Our product has been tested in a chicken hatchery where biological matter and a lot of foot traffic is experienced, to be effective for up to 72 hours, thus offering the best protection of all products tested.

4) Do you have any other Cert of this product Beside ICA, That what asked By One of the Doctors? Please note the attached test report of our BacAtac – DDAC used in the SaniFog canisters which have just been tested directly on the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus, and proved to be completely effective.

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