SF Sanifog is a novel DDAC that kills Coronavirus.

Didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDAC) is an antiseptic/disinfectant that is used in many biocidal applications. It causes disruption of intermolecular interactions and dissociation of lipid bilayers. It is a broad-spectrum bactericidal and fungicidal and can be used as a disinfectant cleaner for linen, recommended for use in hotels, offices, domestic houses, nurseries, schools, taxis, trains, aeroplanes, cruise liners, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres, governmental institutions and more and industries.

DDAC is also widely used in dentistries, gynaecologies, surgeries, ophthalmologies, paediatrics, operating theatres and for the sterilization of surgical instruments, endoscopes and surface disinfection.

What makes SF Sanifog so unique is that it is a highly effective disinfectant, yet it has very low toxicity. It is the least toxic disinfectant on the market.


The SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger is an easy and ready-to-use, highly effective disinfectant, in a pressurised can. Once triggered, the pressurised can empty, producing a fine aerosol mist that will disinfect any closed area of approximately up to ±50m² per 150ml canister within 2 hours and up to ±150m² per 400ml canister if the room is closed for more than a few hours. The fog will reach all areas of this environment, offering total protection.

SF Sanifog has been thoroughly tested against a wide range of naked viruses. The naked viruses, such as Parvovirus, Circoviruses, Reoviruses, Adenoviruses, and Birnaviruses (Infectious bursal disease virus), are widely regarded as the most challenging viruses to kill. SF Sanifog has been tested and is highly effective against all of these viruses.

Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses. The enveloped viruses are generally much more susceptible to the action of disinfectants than the highly resistant naked viruses. The inactivation of an enveloped virus is much easier to achieve, and SF Sanifog is highly effective against all enveloped viruses tested, including Coronavirus, orthomyxoviruses (Influenza virus), and paramyxovirus (Newcastle disease virus).


For more than 20 years, Sanichem has been developing and delivering high-quality, high-performance chemicals and application technology solutions to our markets. Our engineers focus on the continuous innovation of Thermal Fog and ULV machinery technology as well as in the development of novel and highly specialised chemical and biological solutions for agriculture, poultry, public health, and other industries.

SaniChem offers cutting-edge solutions for the control of viruses, fungi, bacteria, and insects within various sectors.

Our experienced and dedicated research and development team strives in developing the best chemical and application equipment offering solutions to the most complex challenges.

SF-Sanifog  Disinfectant  Aerosol  Fogger was developed from the tried and tested efficacy of BacAtac (Reg. no. GNR529 of Act 29) for the efficient control of all pathogenic micro-organisms.

The new SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger will significantly assist in the control of harmful micro-organisms, wherever they occur. The application method is simple and easy, thought the activation of the top nozzle. Once activated, it disperses the disinfectant fog that efficiently covers all areas to be treated, ensuring coverage to challenging areas to reach.

SF-Sanifog Aerosol Fogger is highly effective against a wide range of bacterial pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes, various Vibrio species, Campylobacter species, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, multiple species of Bacillus and Clostridium (both vegetative cells as well as endospores), various species of Salmonella and many others.

SF-Sanifog is a simple to use, and valuable asset for an efficient and effective biosecurity program. It can be used separately or in conjunction with the SaniChick system for the treatment of various areas in several industries such as poultry houses premises, transport trucks, staff dressing rooms, office blocks, egg boxes, packing houses, storage facilities, containers, meat production lines, cold stores, hospital and clinic premisses, mines sites, animal shelters, and many more.

SF-Sanifog Disinfectant

The SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger is a ready-to-use dilution of the highly effective disinfectant, BacAtac, in a pressurised can.

Once triggered, the can will empty, producing a very fine aerosol mist that can be used to disinfect any closed area of approximately from (150ml) ± 50m² – (400ml) ±150m² per aerosol canister.

SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger can be used in closed areas such as, but not limited to: The inside of empty trucks transporting foodstuff or animals such as day-old chicks; closed rooms in hatcheries; food processing areas; laboratories; incubators; setters; walk-in cool rooms; animal rearing facilities; (in combination with a full BacAtac continual disinfection program) abattoirs; veterinary consulting rooms; veterinary kennels; operating theatres and many more.

Directions for Use

  1. Shake container before use.
  2. Remove humans; animals; produce; plants; and food from space to be treated.
  3. Flammable – Switch off all electronics and extinguish all flames before use.
  4. Protect food utensils and packaging materials from direct exposure (cover with paper/plastic sheet).
  5. Pre-clean dirty surfaces with an appropriate detergent, rinse and dry. Efficacy of disinfectant will be compromised if surfaces are soiled.
  6. Place the canister on a solid surface in the centre of the area to be treated, or evenly distribute canisters if more than one is required, open cupboards, close all windows and doors, seal any openings. SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger can be placed on a raised surface if the area is higher than 4m.
  7. Activate the SF-Sanifog Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger and leave the area immediately.
  8. Allow 60 min for the aerosol to disperse and settle before re-entry.
  9. Re-introduce animals/produce/plants only after fumes have cleared.
  10. One canister will disinfect from (150ml) ±50m² – (400ml) ±150m² from fungi, viruses and bacteria, including spores.
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